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Encouraging Improvement of Extractive Industries Governance
Based on Forest and Land

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Encouraging Public Participation in Extractive Sector Supervision


Open Data Sector Extractive

The extractive sector (mining, oil and natural gas) contributes substantially to the national economy, both through tax and non-tax revenues, including other economic effects. Unfortunately, this sector is considered to have low levels of data and information disclosure, ranging from licensing, operational, acceptance, to utilization. Our shared responsibility as owners of natural resources to know and participate in overseeing this sector.

Reception & Expenditure of the Extractive Industri

Reception & Expenditure of the Extractive IndustriState Revenues & Expenditures from the Extractive Sector

Record data is taken from the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) Report 2009-2011. The EITI report provides details of different types of payments per company. Revenues from the extractive sector are expected to be allocated to finance the main business related to the fulfillment of basic needs services. Local budget analysis based on affairs indicates that there are still many regions that give small portions for the fulfillment of basic services.

Contract and Licensing

Contract and Licensing Allocation of Regional Budget Use

Profits from the extractive sector are expected to be used by the government to finance its main concerns regarding basic services and needs. Analyzing regional budgets based on business shows that there are still many areas that provide small portions for basic services

Community Monitoring

Community MonitoringExtractive Sector Supervisory Report

Extractive industries are scattered throughout the largely isolated archipelago region with access that is difficult to reach. This makes monitoring difficult, especially with limited government resources. The community is a strategic asset to oversee the extractive industries that coexist with the mining area.