About Us

Opendataextractive.com provides information and open data of extractive sector.

Our Mission

Website opendataextractive.com provides information and analysis of revenue and expenditure data from the extractive sector (oil & gas), and analysis of local government budget patterns. Through this website, we hope the general public and other stakeholders can get an overview of the extractive industry and be able to participate and monitor.

The data used in this website are from EITI Indonesia annual reports, official LKPP data, data from relevant government agencies, community reports, and the results of the coalition of PWYP Indonesia.

Why Open Data?

Open data is a condition in which data is available for free access; can be used, analyzed, and shared; contained in a format read by machine tools.

We believe open data provides more opportunities in maximizing the use of data, fast, and directed. Open data also increases the active participation of the community.

What We Offer?

This website provides 5 (five) types of features that you can use:

  1. State revenue data from the extension sector is based on the EITI Indonesia report.
  2. Data on local government spending pattern based on the affairs to see the portion of regional expenditure on services and basic needs.
  3. Reports related to monitoring and supervision of extractive industry operations.
  4. Comparative features of various types of revenue and budget data between regions.
  5. Spatial map of land use for forestry and minerals sector.

We also open cooperation with various parties who want to utilize extractive industry data, ranging from geek data, researchers and academics, private sector, central government and local government, public, and other stakeholders.